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Online Music Courses.’s music courses are all about equipping you to play well.

They are live, interactive, and in real time.

Musicianship.  Aural Skills.  Ear Training.

Music History.  Interpretation Coaching.

Online Ear Training

The goal of Ear Training / Aural Skills / Musicianship is to (progressively) give you proficiency in reading, hearing, singing, and understanding the notes and rhythm on the page. As a Musicianship Professor and Concert Artist, I am experienced and committed to teaching and relating theory skills to performance practice in ways that are meaningful to my students.

Nonexhaustive list:

Please contact me so that can meet your needs in online ear training (aural skills).

    • Tutoring on demand (you name it).

    • Note reading.

    • Rhythm reading.

    • Rhythmic dictation.

    • Interval recognition and sight-singing.

    • Sight-singing scales, chords, and tonal melodies  [tonal intonation].

    • Sight-singing atonal phrases [atonal intonation].

    • Isolated sonority recognition.

    • Sonority dictation.

    • Harmonic dictation.

    • (Contextual) melodic dictation.

   a. Melodic dictation (1-Part Dictation).

b. 2-Part dictation.


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Interpretation Coaching. (all levels).

It’s all about performance, not about technique (although I don’t mean technique is unimportant). The lesson will help you master your score and breathe life into it–making it alive. In other words, it’s an applied Musicianship lesson!


Music History. (for everyone except graduate students).

– Survey of Western Music History.

– Specific Periods.

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Live Online Video Lessons for You.


Online Music Courses on | Online Ear Training. | Aural Skills Online. | Musicianship.

Private & Small Group Music Instruction for

University (Conservatory) Students.


Choir Members.

Youths and Senior Citizens.


Bad musicians cannot hear what they are playing; mediocre one could hear it, but they don't listen; average musicians hear what they just played; only good musicians hear what they are going to play." - Edgar Willems

“An outstanding educator who cares for his students with much dedication…”

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“I enjoy helping each and every one of my students succeed.”

Interpretation Coaching & Music History - Online Music Courses on

Interpretation Coaching.

Music History.

Ear Training.

Aural Skills.