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Your virtual music classroom includes everything needed to make your live online lessons a success.

        • Audio/video: It’s in real time!
        • Whiteboard: Both students and prof can write. It’s in real time.
        • Piano: Your aural skills instructor plays music. It’s in real time, too! You will appreciate the outstanding quality of the piano sound! | Online Ear Training. | Aural Skills Online. | Musicianship.

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Do you need ear training? has the right aural skill online solution for you.

  • Reading Music.
  • Rhythm.
  • Sight-Singing.
  • Melodic Dictation.
  • You Name it.

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  • Lessons for Two.
  • Small Group Lessons.

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Live interactive music lessons in real time!

Everyone is welcome all year long!

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Youths and Senior Citizens.


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     All levels.

    (from beginners to graduate students & professionals.)

    All ages.

    Your Online Music Instructor.

    Professor Muller is a full-time faculty in a Conservatory in France. more

     “An outstanding educator who cares for his students with much dedication…”

    “Besides his sense of hearing and his patience, Mr. Fabrice Muller is… more

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    Expect progress right from your very first music lesson!

    Musicianship.   Aural Skills.   Ear Training.   Music History.    Interpretation Coaching.

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    Fabrice Muller enjoys teaching music online to students from different countries, ages, and backgrounds. Muller is a highly trained music professional who is “stubborn” to make you succeed.

        • Check out Muller’s short bio here.
        • See what others say here.
        • Listen to him perform. Click on his picture (on the right)! Muller plays J.S. Bach’s Trio super Allein Gott in der Höh’ sei Ehr, BWV 664 in Nancy, France. (Now, you can listen to the whole piece. It’s not a video background anymore.)
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