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From students’ parents (the Arras Conservatory)

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“[. . .] an outstanding educator who cares for his students with much dedication. He is able to motivate them in a subject that is often reluctantly studied by young people.
He stimulates them by using multiple approaches. We have seen our daughter develop throughout the academic year. She has now mastered many concepts that she previously did not understand. Thanks to Mr. Muller’s efforts, her musical ear has been considerably sharpened.”

“With always appropriate and encouraging words, Mr. Muller was able to motivate our daughter so that she progressed in musicianship, a discipline which is often forbidding to young people.”


From students (the Arras Conservatory)

“Mr. Muller isn’t only a good teacher; he’s above all someone you want to work with. [. . .]
Besides his sense of hearing and his patience, Mr. Fabrice Muller is someone who knows how to establish an excellent relationship with his students and always does whatever is necessary so that his instruction is clearly understood. [. . .] In the field of musicianship, I’ve learned more with Mr. Muller than with anyone else.”

“Thanks to you, I’ve also learned truly to master harmonic analysis and especially to recognize chords by hearing. Finally, I am beginning to understand how music works, no longer simply by hearing notes but also by hearing their function (cadences, intervals without counting on my fingers!).”


From honorary professor at the Paris Conservatory, Odette Gartenlaub

Letter from Madame Gartenlaub to your ear training teacher, Mr. Fabrice Muller (Original in French)



I have familiarized myself with your musicianship tests and I want to congratulate you on your serious work.
It would be desirable to find these kinds of tests at many schools.
Voice sight-reading selections are well chosen.

Continue what you are doing.

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